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Top 8 best cars with stunning interiors in Dubai

Some people are creative at best. They just love to flaunt creativity in various ways. Here in this post we will help you to know about the 8 best cars with stunning interiors in Dubai, UAE. There are many people who give such a ravishing interior decor to the cars which makes the car look stunning in various ways. 

8 Best cars with attractive interiors in Dubai, UAE

Here is the list of stylish 8 cars having world-class interiors in Dubai, which will leave you amazed. This list has some lovely cars.

#1 Bentley Bentayga SUV: 

This is the most awe-inspiring car which have the wonderful interiors which leaves people gobsmacked. You will feel over the moon when you sit on smooth leather seats, which are diamond-quilted. You will just love sitting in this seat and admiring the Mulliner Tourbillon clock by Breitling which is completely machined in the gold and set into a dashboard which is just incredible addition. This is sure to give you the best feeling ever. 

Some people also opt to buy used cars because they can't afford the money to buy luxury cars. 

#2 2016 BMW Series 750i xDrive also have a better interior:

Leather seats of this car are quite luxurious and comfy to a lot of extent. Being the BMW's capacious sedan, it has the lavish legroom. If you desire much of the luxury, then you must opt for the Executive Lounge seating package in this lavish car. You must opt for the seat which is behind the front passenger- it lays down and also has a footrest. The glittery LED lights spreads through the glass moon roof which perfectly takes the effect of starlit sky which looks so dazzling. This is the reason why this sedan was in the list of world luxury car of the year 2016 New York International Auto Show. 

Not many people can buy such lavish cars and so they can buy used cars in Dubai, which looks just awesome in many ways. 

#3 Ravishing Rolls Royce Black Badge: 2017:

Even the Rolls-Royce Black Badge provides the stunning design that grabs the eyeballs of the car lovers in the world. In this car, the carbon fiber surface of the interiors is intermixed with threads of the aircraft aluminium and the black leather upholstery is blended with cobalt blue. The exterior of the car is black and it is observable by the high-gloss black version of the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem of the hood. This astonishing Black Badge improved kit will be coming up in next year 2017. 

#4 Cadillac XT5:

This is yet another incredible car which features top-class materials inside the cabin. The XT5's stylish interior will leave you astonished for sure. Amazing metallic and dazzling Microsuede headliner. This is the lovely car with stunning interior and best seating space which is highly-favored by the car enthusiasts. Even the in-car tech such as the rear camera mirror, amazing head-up display, ultraview panoramic sunroof gives the best feel to the users of the Cadillac. The icing on the cake is enthralling finishing of the car. 

If you love driving to the core, then you must also know about real adventure, explore off-road vehicles which will give you the best experience of driving. 

#5 Magnificent Mercedes Benz E-class sedan:

This is yet another incredible car which will leave you gobsmacked by the lovely interior designing of this car. The interiors of this highly-favored car makes use of a waveform which connects the instrument panel and the door panels for creating an elegant cabin with a stunning sporty look. It also features the glittery LED lighting range with around 64 color alternatives which enables drivers to customize the interiors according to the light itself. The most lovely feature of this car is the touch-sensitive controls which are on the steering wheel of the car and this enabling driver to control the entertainment system of the car just by swiping a finger without any hassle. 

#6 Bugatti Chiron: 2017:

It has the horsepower of 1500 and 261 miles per hour engine under the hood. This luxury car is a surefire to grab the eyeballs of the car enthusiasts. If talking about the interiors of the car, then it is quite splendid for its technical features. Yet another design feature which makes this car most loved is due to the illuminated C-shaped light strip which extends from the dashboard to flow upward to the roof liner, and it does continue till the rearview mirror. The interior of the car also blends the carbon and leather fiber, which gives the car a luxurious look and it also gives the best technical experience. Other ravishing designs are the narrow center console with the air-conditioning switches under the glass hoods too. 

Before buying a lavish car in UAE, you must know about the 6 types of car insurances in UAE, which will help you in making your car ride perfect and memorable too. 

#7 Lamborgini Urus SUV: 

This is yet another marvelous car which have the ravishing interiors that looks just classy. The most awaited 600-Horsepower Lamborgoini Urus is all set to launch in the year 2018. This particular car will also attract the car enthusiasts by its awe-inspiring interiors which is influenced by the open skeletal structure made of a new. Lamborgini-exclusive, carbon fiber material. The eye-popping seats of the car are partly clad in the leather. In this car, all the functions related to operating, are on the wheel or the console except for the paddle shifters as such. 

#8 Holland 7 Holland Range Rover:

The association of the Holland & Holland and Range Rover is just so attractive in various ways. Holland & Holland are the British makers of shotguns. The interiors of this luxury car attracts people and it adds acanthus scroll designs with diamond stitching and French walnut veneers which are just the signature hallmarks of Holland & Holland products. 

Closing Thoughts: 

So, are you amazed to read this awe-inspiring and mind-boggling blog which is related to the lovely cars that have lovely interior designs which attracts the people to the core. 

You must be wondering as to which one is a better road trip: bike vs car? Well, it completely depends upon your interest and love for the car or the bikes as such. 

Well, apart from 8 cars listed above, there are also various other cars which have the ravishing interiors which makes people to buy the car as they are car enthusiasts and love driving at the speed which gives them an adrenaline rush for sure.

Various other cars are like a Volvo S90 Sedan which is all set to launch in the year 2017 and have the amazing design which keeps the displays like the vertical touchscreen in the center of the dashboard as such. The interior of this car is influenced by the Scandivanoian influence with just bright colors. 

For reading more engrossing blogs, you can subscribe to our blogs section. 

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Top 3 Cricket Stadiums in Dubai

Many people in this world are the fan of cricket and desire to know about lovely cricket stadiums in the world. If you love Dubai city to the core, then we will help you to know about the lovely cricket grounds which are located in the UAE. These following listed grounds have held various matches like first class, List A, and different kinds of Twenty20 matches which are being loved by the cricket fans a lot. UAE is the only country of the gulf which is not the full member of International Cricket Council, which is said to have hosted numerous Test matches. 

When people love cricket to the core then they desire to have their mobile gallery filled with various kinds of photos related to cricketers and cricket equipments. But for clicking various photos all you need is the trendy mobile handset. If your handset is old then you can sell it out by posting free ad on the ad posting website UAE, which will give you long list of buyers. 

Top 3 Cricket Stadiums in Dubai 

Here is the list of well-known cricket stadiums which are located in the UAE and you would love to know about these if you are cricket fan to the extreme. 

Dubai Cricket Council Ground:

It is the incredible cricket venue which is situated in Dubai, UAE and is the major attraction for the tourists as such. This place is said to have hosted the List A Matches at the time of Champions trophy qualifying rounds in the year 2004/05 which was won by the United States. This place is also said to have hosted 2000 Asian Cricket Council Trophy games. For the cricket lovers, the information about cricket and cricket grounds seems to be just outstanding.

Dubai International Cricket Stadium  

It is also the incredible stadium in UAE, which is located at Dubai. This classy stadium is mostly used for cricket and is one of the 3 stadiums in the country and other 2 top-rated cricket stadiums are Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium and Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium which is located in Abu Dhabi. This wonderful stadium has good capacity of 20,000+ spectators, but is expanded to around 30,000+ spectators too. It also forms the part of Dubai Sports City in Dubai. 

 ICC Cricket Academy 

This magnificent Cricket Academy is situated in Dubai Sports City. It is managed and administered by the International Cricket Council. This particular stadium was to open in the year 2008 and Rod Marsh is appointed as an Academy's Director or Coaching. The marvelous facilities of this stadium include 2 ovals and 10 turf pitches that is outdoor turf and also synthetic practice facilities. The indoor practice facilities include Hawk Eye technology and also cricket specific gym too. The opening of this cricket academy was quite delayed till the year 2009. This particular cricket academy is planned and managed by the International Cricket Council (ICC). These 2 cricket grounds are packed with floodlights which makes the stadium appear to be dazzling which makes the visitors jump out of their skin. 

Closing Thoughts:

So, the above listed are the best cricket stadiums which are located in Dubai, UAE. If you love cricket a lot, then you must also aspire to have a lavish home near the cricket stadium. There are various apartments for sale in Dubai if you want to buy the house near the cricket stadium as such. 

If you want to have a job at Dubai then there is a lot of scope for you as per your qualification, skillset, talent and education. All you need to know is how to get jobs in Dubai and you will be landed to the whole new world of job locations at Dubai through classifieds website UAE.

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How to Advertise Business For Sale in 2017 at Dubai

Be it any kind of business you have established, there are 5 rules to enhance your brand marketing which you must know for flourishing your business at a rapid pace. 

So, if you have a business in Dubai and you would like to know about how to sell a business, then in this post we will guide you to the core. 

Business owners have the multifarious options for selling a business. But, many times selling a business is not the major factor. You must know the apt platform to sell the business at, which will help you gain a huge customer base. 

Well, There are various platforms which can help you to sell the business, leading classified website is one of the best way to list your business in Dubai.

Advertise Businesses For Sale In 2017

How to Advertise Business For Sale in 2017 at Dubai

Now, the next thing is to know how one can  brand or market business for sale. When the advertising  is going on perfectly, then the different brands think of increasing the price of the products too. 

Here are the tips for advertising the business for sale in Dubai in the year 2017

1 Provide Complete Information About Your Business:

The Main factor why the prospective buyer remains doubtful is because of the lack of information about your business. If you provide complete information to the customers, it will help you generate higher revenues and attract more customers for your business.Your prospective customers will soon be converted to regular customers. The very first thing to consider is providing a full description of the products or services to the customer so that they will get the information related to your products or services which they desire to know. There are different business growth sectors in Dubai which you would like to know. 

The important information which buyers desire to know through the business for sale advertisement includes:
  • Location of your business 
  • Mission, vision and the goals of your business
  • Employee strength 
  • Net income of the business and its calculation 
  • History of the business in brief 
  • Contact details like mobile numbers, email and website information, social media reach 

Advertising in dubai, UAE

2 Optimize Your Business For the Probable Buyer:

You must ask yourself certain questions regarding your business. 

  • Is your business a good value for money? 
  • If the business is run efficaciously, will it give decent ROI?
  • Which are the growth opportunities of your business? 
  • Why is your business the best investment opportunity?

For listing the answers to these questions all you have to do is to consider yourself as the buyer. It will become very easy for you to figure out the answers of these questions. You must know that who is the persons to buy your business and how can you contact them for promoting your business as such. You must think just like the prospective buyer.

3 You Must Have The Different Idea For Your Business:

There are multifarious ways to reach out to your prospective buyers. Business listing in Dubai can help you in reaching out to numerous buyers.  

If you are about to sell the franchise business, you must make certain that for contacting your franchisor before you opt for listing your business and prevent from the potential damage to the contractual obligations and different legal rules to follow. 

When you see on paper, you will find the profile of the potential buyer will appear like:

  • The individual who lives or desires to live nearby you are.
  • The person who is the owner of similar business in your region, but have still not take a big step in the business.
  • A prospective investor who is aspiring to target your region as such.
  • The person who is your competitor who is looking forward to acquire your business. 
  • The individual who can be your supplier with an objective.

The Best Platform For Selling Your Business:

Your business will watch an upward trend when your business gets listed in local business directories which helps the business owners to mention the links to their website. When you are provided with the links, your search engine rankings get enhanced because these backlinks will be used by the search engines for deciding the authority of your business. You must make good use of social media for getting connected to various people around the globe, this is the technique by which you will get more sales leads and get higher revenues. 

While Submitting business listing, make certain that your business is listed in the right category in which it should be listed, for better optimization. You must use the quality-oriented keywords which are highly searched by number of users. One of the highly favored mediums to promote business for sale is

Summing Up: 

So, making use of the online platform for the advertising business for sale works as wonders in today's date. Above we have listed the tips to advertise and promote your business for sale to the core for attracting customers and generating decent revenues plus more sales leads. 

Once you have the plan for advertising your business in Dubai for sale then you must target those marketing efforts and remain focussed on the efforts and you must apply new ideas for growing and flourishing your business swiftly. 

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How to crack interview questions for the job

So are you looking forward to have a dream job for you in the beautiful city of Gulf, Dubai?

If the answer to the above question is a big yes, there are various ways to know how to get jobs in Dubai, which will help you to get the best job of your choice. The major part comes is of the interview, which makes you worried to the core. Many times you experience sleepless nights or loss of appetite too, as the most common symptom of the job interview as such. Many people also have a kind of interview phobia or the fear. 

Are you looking forward for a job change, then United Arab Emirates free classified ads website will give you the best companies and the employers who are looking for the best candidates for a particular job profile. 

Well, we will help you to get rid of such kind of phobia by giving you the mind-boggling list of tips to crack the interview for getting the dream job. 

7 tips to crack interview for a dream job in Dubai:

There are various ways to crack the interview for getting the job as per your choice, talent and skill set. Here is the list of 10 tips that is a surefire way to crack the interview for your dream job in Dubai.

#1 You must know the requirement of the job:

For getting the top-notch job as per your skill set you need to research well in advance about the requirement of the job profile. For example, if you desire to have the architect job, there are 10 tips to crack architect jobs in Dubai real estate which is must to know. Similarly for different kind of job you need to research about the requirement of the job profile. Before you opt to appear in the interview you must inquire about the job description. This will help you to have a clear picture in your mind as to what kind of candidate an organization is looking for. 

#2 Research about the questions and answers for the particular job profile: 

Once you are clear with the job requirement, you can then proceed in making the list of the questions and their answers that can be asked by the interviewer for that job profile candidate as such. You can research through the internet or from your friends circle or the relatives who have cracked the interview for that particular job profile. This will help you to know around 80% of the questions that can be asked from you in the interview. 

All you have to do is to check classified app in Dubai, here you will find the employers and the organizations who are looking for, the particular job profile candidate and accordingly you can see the organization and research about that organization. Later on you can google about the interview question asked to the candidates of that kind of organization category. For example, if the company is of IT service providing then you can research about the question asked to the particular job profile person for the IT sector. There are top 10 job search websites in Al-Ain which you would like to know. 

#3 You must not look forward for the salary negotiation at early:

For cracking the job interview you must know that you must not make any unrealistic salary hikes as it means that you are not serious for any kind of job and require the job only for more money. You must research well in advance about the salary negotiation according to your experience in the particular field as such and as per the industry norm. 

#4 After the interview you must ask for feedback:

Once you are done with the interview you must ask the interviewer about your interview no matter how was your interview. This leaves the positive impression a candidate in front of the interviewer. The organization also has a good impression on the candidate that the candidate is willing to know about the feedback. 

#5 You must not argue with the interviewer: 

At the time of appearing for the interview you must not get into any kind of argument with the interviewer. You must have your own point, but keep your point to the interviewer in a positive manner instead of arguing the way as such. The interviewer has very good experience than you. 

#6 You must not fabricate your CV: 

You must not at all fudge your CV. The organizations will find out very easily when you fabricate your CV making it decent and we some one to get the job easily. This must be avoided as it can be even spoil your career and even the future for getting the best job as such. 

#7 You need to overcome the fear of rejection:

We get worried about the job interview because we have the fear of getting rejected for a particular job post. It is quite plain sailing to overcome the fear of rejection. You have to be completely self confident in yourself for the job interview that you will do well. You must appear for the interview with the self confidence in yourself and with the motto that you don't require this job and just appearing for the interview to know the market trend for the particular job profile. This is the best way to overcome the fear of rejection or losing the job. No company aspires to have the candidate who is fearful.

Closing Thoughts:

So, if you are looking forward for a particular dream job then you need to relax before appearing for the job interview. You must have self confidence in you which will help you to overcome the fear of rejection too. There are various ways to crack interview for getting the dream job. 

Just follow the above listed tips which will lead you towards getting the best job as per your choice in the particular organizations. The leading classified ads website will help you in searching about the job of your choice. For reading more such kind of blogs, subscribe to our blogs.

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Do's and Don'ts of Business Startup in Dubai

Are you looking forward to be an entrepreneur? You might be looking forward to establish your own startup in the beautiful city like Dubai. There are various kinds of businesses which you can start in Dubai and make it reach new heights and turn it into the leading brand. 

Well, there are different kinds of businesses which you can start in Dubai. It all depends as per your budget and your capability, etc. 

Why people opt for doing business in Dubai?

You might be sitting and enjoying the cup of coffee in any part of this world, and looking forward to establish a wonderful coffee cafe in Dubai, the marvelous city of the Gulf. The dream city of the Gulf, where people desire to have a job or even establishing their business.

There are various kinds of business growth sectors in Dubai that will help you succeed in enhancing and flourishing your business at a rapid pace. 

Just like the stunning cities like Paris or the Los Angeles, Dubai also grabs the eyeballs of people in the world towards the huge and incredible buildings. People from all over the world desire to come to this place to get rich soon in life. This wonderful city offers different opportunities to the people in the world in various areas like food/beverages, travel/tourism, arts/crafts and the list is long.  

As per one of the surveys conducted, the city is said to have provided around 20,000+ licenses in the year 2015. 

Dubai is the gateway to around 1 billion of consumers in the markets in the whole of the Middle East, Africa & Asia.

Well, if you too are looking forward to establish a startup in Dubai, then there are various do's and Don'ts to be considered before doing so:

#DO: You are required to be well-dressed and wear a smile:

The residents of Dubai highly appreciate their brands, but people in this city have also become clever in understanding and sophistication. 

Dubai is the city which is Western in the trend following but this place has the roots which are Islamic, the culture which follows different sets of rules. If you are a male or female, you need to be well dressed, be smart and wear a smile and be modest in your dressing sense which is a must. 

For instance, the suit and tie are quite compulsory for men attending the meetings. You must always have the happy and positive energy for social and even the corporate trends in Dubai. Nobody aspires to come at Dubai getting submerged in gloom.
There is a different form of dealing with Emirate people as they follow different customs. While attending the meetings as such, you must follow the etiquette to treat any new introductions with immense respect. You might not know the ranks of people who come at the meeting so you need to be aware of following the good manners to address people. 

For instance, you must never shake hands with the opposite sex people until and unless they will extend their hands first and for shaking hands always make use of your right hand. 

You must not go soon in the business matters. You might be in a hurry but always take care of the person's day, health and the family before you talk about the business dealings. You must always take some time and let the other party to start the business chat.

#DO: In Dubai you must go in-person for business matters:

Dubai is the beautiful city where you will not go very far with the email introductions as well as through the online transactions. In Dubai, you are required to go in-person networking trends to meet and greet the people. You must meet them, enjoy the drinks on offer, talk to people in the rooms and later on getting in touch with them. Every industry has some kinds of network and that is the reason closer personal relationships are quite necessary. 

Word-of-mouth marketing is also best in Dubai. You must make as many contacts as possible which will be helpful for you in enhancing your skills and the client lists. So you must join various groups, conferences, various networking sessions. You must have your trendy looking business card in handy with the Arabic language also printed on it on the side. There are 15 top business listing websites in UAE where you can list your business and get good sales leads. 

#DO: You must go as per the culture of Dubai and submerge yourself in new traditions: 

Dubai has a very different tradition as it is the city in the Gulf. You must learn to live in that tradition which is a rich tradition. If the climate is considered, Dubai gets quite hot in summers as such. It reaches up to 45 degrees Celsius in summers. It is a desert place. You will get to experience the cool nights. There are various adventures to enjoy like dune bashing, oasis hunting, etc. 

You can also learn the language, Arabic which is being spoken in Dubai. It will be of great help to you. 

#DO: Keep yourself high in the research mode: 

When you are looking forward to establish a business in Dubai, you need to research a lot in various ways. Before you opt for starting work in the new city, then you must know about the different kinds of venture in the region. You should be well-versed with the tradition of the region. You can search about the business for sale on the classified websites which will help you in enhancing your research.

You can perform immense research through various sources which will be of great help to you in various ways. If you researching about the real estate, then the best time for Dubai real estate investment is 2017.

#DON'T: You must not brag about your achievements: 

Dubai is the city which has turned out to be overpopulated with people who show-off and tell that they are the best, and superior in a particular field. 

This city is moving towards the modern trend and desires to have the best quality over the quantity. You must avoid making use of too many cliches while marketing and promoting the business, right from pamphlets to the online marketing event techniques. 

#DON'T: You must not think meetings and notifications as planned:

When you are headed towards a marvelous and beautiful city for doing business, you must have the good patience in you for having balance in work and life. Many times the business group meeting can go for longer. Many times people will check their phones in the meeting, join the meetings without announcing and then proceed to change the conversation, or come to the meeting very late. 

Many times you might not like it if you belong to the European or North American business environment, so you must be patient enough in this kind of atmosphere in the meetings. You must think carefully before you speak at the meetings and it is just challenging to work with the diverse people of different nationalities. You must not forget that you must keep the business in the family.

#DON'T: You must not forget your manners:

Dubai is the place which follows a different customs being the Islam religion city. The Emirates and the business people who work in Dubai do love to crack jokes but being irrelevant through the discussion is not being appreciated always. You must not make use of the R-rated language in Dubai, which is against the Islamic culture as such. 

#DON'T: You must not forget to take it easy in Dubai:

You must not let your confidence level down when you opt for establishing a new business start-up in Dubai. Dubai has different entrepreneurs from around the world as such. You need to be polite in your works and keep your  eyes glued to the goals. 

Closing Thoughts:

So, you are welcome to Dubai for starting a new startup in this wonderful city. You can set up from a variety of enterprises in Dubai.

Many of the talented entrepreneur are reaching new heights by establishing their own startup in Dubai as it is the tax-free place. 
Once you have established your own startup, you will then require to get good sales leads and have higher revenues. At DubaiPoster classified app, you will find various opportunities to add your business on various business selling websites worldwide which will help you in making good customer-base and increase your revenues. 

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List of 15 top business listing website in UAE

In today's date, every business person desires to flourish the business rapidly. People desire to promote and market their business to improve branding as the best. Every business entrepreneur aspires that his business must be in top search engines of the world.

The world is getting tech-savvy these days. Before selecting any products or services, people search about the products or the services online by doing immense research about the best deals which the business owners offer on the products or the services. The business owners aspire to make their business reach new heights with each passing day. There are various methods by which they can increase their business.

There are multifarious business directory where you can promote and market your business without spending a single penny. You market different products on the business listing website, for instance, there are lists of top classified ads sites for mobile in Dubai, the platform where you can list your mobile business in UAE.

If you have a world-class business in the UAE, then you can claim your free business listing at top classified ads sites, which offers you the services of listing your business, this in turn will help you in generating sales leads and higher revenues. Well, there are various guidelines to be followed for listing the business online:
  • You need to be consistent while you fill out the business information, so that it will not confuse your customers.
  • You can add up various images, videos which will definitely help your business to flourish.
  • You must remain active while you provide feedback on your customer review. You need to show your customers that you very serious about your customer service.

At our free business listing website, you can list any category of the business and market your business well on the business listing websites in Dubai. If you have recently established your startup  or own a leading brand, then this business listing website, Dubai Poster will help you increase your customer base.

Listing your business online is the class SEO technique which will help you in getting good business leads for enhancing your business in the search engines. All you need to do is to make use of the quality-oriented keywords, exciting offers which will grab eyeballs of the customers.

List of top 15 business listing website in UAE:


Importance of business listing:

One of the best SEO method to see your business on the top in various search engines. If you own a leading business, then take your marketing to the next level by listing your business on the high PR business listing website in Ajman, UAE.

There are various categories in our leading business listing website, where you can list your business and get higher revenues:

  • Computer and the internet:
You can list your computer business on the leading business listing website in UAE, it will help you grow your computer business at a rapid pace. You can also list your business of computer accessories on this classified website of UAE. You can also list your computer repair shop on this website. And you can also find the best computer retailers in your nearby area on this classified website.

  • You can find various services through business listing websites:
Opt for the best business service provider with the at Dubai Poster, which helps you in getting the class services regarding marketing, advertising and other kind of business services which you are in need of. On Dubai Poster, you will find all the services which you are in need of.

  • You can search good services related to building & construction:
Are you looking forward to renovate your business? You can find multifarious services related to professional architects, big builders, engineers on the Dubai Poster platform. You can also search for the services of carpenter, electricians and also plumbers services on the classified website of UAE.

  • The business listing website helps you in finding the food/catering services:
You can find the best restaurant services at our business listing platform. The business listing websites enable you to list your restaurant business and increase customer base who are foodies to the core.

Summing up:

So, you can select vast range of services from the business listing websites, where top-rated business is being listed on the websites. And you can also list your own business on the above listed websites, which will help you in advertising your business and attracting customers.  

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Business growth sectors in Dubai

Are you looking forward for having your own start-up in Dubai?

There are 5 top business sectors which are growing at a rapid pace in Dubai. For registering a company in Dubai, is as easy as 1-2-3, as you get various alternatives of the locations and the better opportunities which are being provided by Dubai. 

It is always better to keep yourself aware of the multifarious options available and also the minute details about the complete process, so that it will de done hassle-free. 

This beautiful city Dubai's non-oil private sector started again with the high graph of development in the month of March, as per the Emirates NBD Dubai Economy Tracker Index.

This tracker went up in the graph by 3.6 points, from 48.9 in the month of February to 52.5 in the month of March. 

The current reading indicates that business sector is watching an upward trend since 2015 November, which showcases renewed output and also new order growth side by side a slight increase in staff hiring. 

The best sector which helps in the growth of Dubai is tourism sector. A current data by the Tourism department indicates fast development of tourists which will enhance the real estate business in Dubai Land department. Talking about the property investment, Indians, Britishers, Pakistanis are the leading property investors, and also the non-GCC Arabs and residents of Gulf Cooperation Council. But, Dubai real estate price went down in the later ending months of the year 2015. 

Dubai is the beautiful city which attracts tourists of the world to the core. Dubai is the tourist-hub which grabs eyeballs from various countries like:

  1. China 
  2. UK 
  3. US 
  4. Saudi Arabia 
  5. Russia

Every year, the number of visitors goes on increasing each year and tourism will be boosting  when Dubai will host attractions and upcoming projects in Dubai expo 2020. Various property dealers feel that the city will turn out to be a hub for a property investment in upcoming years. So various reasons for making an investment in Dubai real estate are:

  1. There is no income tax to be paid by the people who invest in Dubai property market.
  2. Dubai is the world-class family holiday location. 
  3. Dubai is the best city which has relatively less crimes.
  4. The climate of Dubai is pleasant throughout the year. 
  5. Dubai is the place of marvelous beaches, opulent hotels, class shopping malls for the shopaholics. 
  6. Profits from rental property is increasing with each passing day. 
  7. Hotel investment opportunities in Dubai provide higher financial returns. 

The investors must consider the major benefits of making an investment in Dubai real estate before the demand crosses the supply. 

There are around 5 growth sectors for setting up business in Dubai:

#1 Dubai is the perfect place for skilled employees:

Dubai is the city, where it is possible for hiring employees from any place in the world. 

The talented, dedicated and skilled employees are easy to work with and their commissions will also be the best in the industry. The top-notch areas are the engineers, hospitality, teachers and nurses. 

It is tough to get the resident visa of more than 2 to 3 years even if your family has lived here for long time. 

#2  Trade business in Dubai:

There are nil rates of personal taxes, corporate taxes, wealth taxes and capital gain taxes in UAE. Even the custom duties are very nominal rates. 

Dubai has the population of around 1.7 billion people spread within 3000 km radius. Dubai is the beautiful city which facilitates cross country trade. It is also blessed with the troubled neighbours. 

The other class neighboring countries see Dubai as a beautiful heaven for the banking and shipping sectors. There are hassle-for process required for the same, minimum paper work.

The recent areas which are highly attracting the new entrances are the areas like food sector, building materials, steel scrap, jewelry and the pharmaceutical products.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce has amazing information on wide array of products which you can research from. 

#3 Bars and different night clubs are also the major source of attraction:

Tourism is vastly growing as per the types of businesses which are developing at a rapid pace. Various entrepreneurs have started with small bars and reached to multiple hotels. 

Alcohol licenses are only given to few number of hotels, like 4 star or the 5 star luxurious hotels. 

If compared to different sector of businesses, in this particular area, various connections are required. 

The various hotel owners or the operators have the least out bar and night club operations to the others. 

#4 Travel and tourism sector in Dubai:

Various commendable travel companies have their businesses in Dubai. Dubai is the stunning travel hub of the Middle east. 

The tourism sector of Dubai is expanding with each passing day and is anticipated to go beyond 10 million in the upcoming 5 years, which is higher than the other neighbouring countries of middle east. 

The wonderful Emirates Airlines is icing on the cake for Dubai's travel and tourism oriented sector. This has led to growth in transit passengers. You can lookout the top 15 tourist attractions places in Dubai, UAE.

Fly Dubai is the perfect low cost airline which is highly favored by the people of Dubai.

There are multifarious destination flights and numerous travel agents both from Dubai and International markets which provides affordable packages. This is yet another area which attracts various tourists, thereby leading to growth in Dubai. The tourists have increased from 8% to 10% per year, which has also led to growth of businesses which serves them. 

#5 Real estate sector in Dubai: 

This is yet another leading sector for growth in Dubai. 2017: the apt time to make an investment in Dubai Real Estate. The real estate sector itself contributes to 22% to the city's total GDP. 

Various construction projects are being undertaken by different local companies and also foreign companies. Architects from all over the world come down to Dubai to make a living through their career. The architectures designs wonderful projects as per the requirement of the international investors and the tourists. There are various tips to crack architect jobs in Dubai real estate.

There are various challenges relating to this sector:

  • Searching the correct property to make investment in. 
  • Return on investment is also a big challenge in this sector of growth.
  • Apart from these challenges, if you are looking forward to establish your own business in Dubai, then Real Estate is one of the fastest growing sectors in Dubai.

Well, this real estate sector always goes through the cycle phases, sometimes high and sometimes low. By the year 2020, Dubai will observe around 20 million visitors. Some of the tourists will set up the business and other will come for travelling purpose. 

The tourist demand will get enhanced by looking at the increasing visitors. The real estate business will be watching an upward trend in the coming days in Dubai. 

In the year 2013, Dubai observed around 10 million tourists. These figures will get doubled with each passing day. There are upcoming splending tourist attractions in Dubai, Dubai World Central airport. And also the mammoth air-controlled shopping mall which will be named as “The Mall of the World”, plus the big themed resort named, “The World”.

Will the minimum oil prices impact on Dubai's growth?

A great percentage of revenue in this city of Dubai, is being generated by the businesses, tourism and the logistics. Just 10% of the revenue is being generated by the oil, so reduced oil prices will not have any impact on the real estate business of Dubai. 


So, Dubai is all set to be a hub of business growth, which will lead to more tourism also. Dubai already observes higher rate of tourists annually. The real estate sector development will be icing on the cake, and Dubai will observe the highest number of tourists in the coming future. 

With the growth of the tourism sector, there will also be a hike in business sector in Dubai. People will have to develop their business, which they will set up in Dubai.

Dubai Poster is the leading platform which helps to generate higher revenues and generate more sales leads which is the major requirement for the any business. 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Top Rated Gaming Consoles Ever

Video games have become all the rage these days, especially among the youth. The youth love playing video games to the core.

The term “video game console” is used for differentiating a machine which is specially designed for the consumers to use for playing video games in contrast to arcade machines or the home computers. There are top 10 trending play-station games which are loved by the game players a lot.

While opting for the best gaming console:

Before going down in favor of a gaming console, at first you must decide as to which kind of gaming experience you desire, The controller-based gaming consoles are designed in such a way that they respond rapidly to anything which displayed on the screen, by which game playing experiences gets wonderful and which keeps you entertained for hours. Before selecting any gaming console, its important to do some research. You can take reviews from your friends about a gaming console, and accordingly decide about the gaming console you would like to purchase.

Here is the list of the classy game consoles:

Atari 2600:

This is the amazing gaming console which is highly favored by the whole gaming industry. It is the predominant video game consoles of all time. It has laid the foundation for the gaming industry. Atari 2600 gaming console is the word for pure class.

Though there is a lot to improve in the field like graphics, music but overall the games are so fabulous and has a different charm. This gaming console has released some of the amazing games like Adventure, Space Invaders, Pitfall. This game console had been first ever console to influence the entire gaming industry.

Sony PS4:

Sony PS4 is yet another trendy and gripping gaming console which have the commendable hardware. It is best knows for its marvelous DualShock Controller and smooth interface. The icing on the cake is that, this gaming console does not cost you a king's ransom.

Nintendo Wii U:

Nintendo is another lovely gaming console of all times. With its splendid console Wii, it has set the world on fire. This notable gaming console is the opponent of the giants like Sony PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox One.

Wii U is the home video game console which is developed by Nintendo. This wonderful Wii U is the first ever gaming console which supports HD graphics. The primary controller it makes use of, is the Wii U Gamepad.

New 3DS and 3DS XL:

New 3DS is another wonderful gaming console which is very popular. Though being the lovely gaming console, it is very pricey if cost is concerned. It is costly if compared with its rivalries. For the games lovers, the value of New 3DS is seen by the games it has given to the game lovers.

Xbox One:

Xbox One is the newbie in the gaming industry. It is the lovely home video game console which is developed by the Microsoft. Its rivalry is the leading giant Sony PlayStation. It is packed with the best features like AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) built around x86-64 instruction set.

It has the ability to overlay live television programming from the existing set-top box or the digital turner for digital terrestrial television with advanced program guide, split screen multitasking of the applications, and enhanced second-screen support.

Sony PlayStation TV:

This lovely gaming console is popular because it is available at the most reasonable price and it had been a commercial success. This top giant game console is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This brand had hit the market in December, 1994 in Japan. This is the highly favored gaming console of all times and remains to be the commercial success with its every new release.

PlayStation Vita:

PlayStation Vita is yet another gaming console which is known for giving the best quality games to the gaming industry. What makes PlayStation stand out is the incredible design of this game console.

Sony PlayStaion 3 Slim:

This is the stunning slim PlayStation which is developed by the leading giant Sony. This is the first ever PlayStation to make a mark in the gaming industry, and it had been a commercial success since its launch.

This PlayStaion has millions of happy users around the globe. Sony PlayStation 3 Slim is action-packed with quality features like PlayStation Home, music and also custom video playback, web surfing, and picture browsing , and it has been one of a kind Sony Game console of all times.

Xbox 360:

Xbox is yet another remarkable PlayStation. It is best known for its high-def output, amazing wireless controllers and the best in class graphical prowess, which is a dream for every game lover . Xbox is also one of a kid gaming console and is known for having class functionality like Media Center Extender, Xbox Live Arcade, built-in Breville sandwich toaster.

Nvidia Shield TV:

Nvidia Shield TV is wonderful gaming console which is top-notch in the gaming industry. This stunning gaming console is highly favored and is popular among the game lovers, which is loved by the game lovers to the core. The native 4K resolution game supports 60 fps playback. GeForce has been coined as the “Netflix for gaming” and although the library may be at present a little sparse, it gives best experience to the game lovers.


So, the above listed are the best ever game consoles in the gaming industry which has set the world on fire with its marvelous features. These games are also available at the leading platform, Dubai Poster. Dubai Poster is the leading platform from where you can trade in the games. You can buy or sell various games. At Dubai Poster, the buyer directly meets the seller, and no third person comes in between. It is also the best platform for listing your business, be it a start up or a wonderful brand. You can list your business, which will generate the sales leads and give you higher revenues.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

All New Fascinating Folding Xiaomi Bike:

Xiomi has recently raised the curtain from its first ever alluring electric bicycle at an event held in China. This engrossing Qicycle Electric Folding bike has been given a beautiful nickname, expected to be “Mi Smart Bike”. This smashing folding bike has been priced at CNY 2999(approximately around Rs. 30,000)

Xiaomi Qicycle Electric Folding Bike Launched

The folding bike releasing event, Xiomi emphasized that it was not just a wonderful “smartphone company” but also a “technology company”. As of now, this Chinese company has amazing products to its credit, including smartphones, wearable, trendy tablets, Internet-connected air and water purifiers, amazing television sets under the brand Mi TV series, Yeelight bedside lamps, astonishing Mi Power Banks, Mi Wi-Fi nano wireless routers, Yi Action Camera, Mi Rainbow 5 AA batteries, and ravishing two-wheeled self-balancing scooters are the other different products of  Xiaomi company. 

The all new recently manufactured Qicycle (bicycle) by  Xiaomi, is made of amazing carbon fibre and has a host of sensors and this lightweight bicycle just weighs 7 kilogrammes. This Chinese company also stated that the bicycle has acquired Red Dot Design Award 2016. Xiomi hs also declared that, as the Qicycle is designed in such a way that it can be folded, this wonderful bicycle is very portable and people can now keep the bicycle even in their cars and it will not need a lot of area. 

At the curtain raiser of this smashing bicycle,  Xiaomi stated that, “Qicycle is not a normal bicycle” rather it is a wonderful electric folding bike with astonishing features like electric motor, which can be used for propulsion. The Qicycle is packed with other marvellous features like 250W 36V electric motor and it utilizes Torque Measurement Method (TMM) to help the pedal-power of any rider who rides this magnificent electric folding bike. 

The bicycle also utilizes the Panasonic 18650 mAh battery, yet another amazing feature by which users can cycle up to 45 km. The Chinese company also stated that Qicycle comes with lovely Battery Management System (BMS) which is the electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery and safeguards it from operating exterior of its safe operating area. The system also performs other wonderful functions like monitoring the state, data reporting, and calculation of secondary data. 

 Xiaomi also spilled the beans about Qicycle, that it can be paddled with the help of Shimano Gear Shifters, even if the bikes has drank away all the battery. This splendid bicycle is also backed with other features like it can evaluate fitness related parameters, like calories burned, how much distance travelled and the pace of travelling. Xiaomi has still not disclosed any information as to where will the Qicycle be launched, in China or elsewhere. 


This Mi Qicycle will turn out to be your stunning ride on two wheels. 

Dubai Poster offers various brands of second hand bicycle, from various choices. A wonderful platform where various buyers can meet the sellers directly for trading in used products like cars, bikes, real estate, mobiles, etc.  Dubai Poster is the leading platform for trading in second hand products, a renowned classified website of UAE.